How to promote punjabi songs and music online?

How to promote punjabi songs and music online?

Nowadays, Punjabi singers and Punjabi industry grow with high speedPromoting a Punjabi song is a challenge because google ads do not support the Punjabi language. But don’t worry, some possibilities ensure Punjabi ad approved on Google Adwords. Facebook ads also perform well in this area.

How to do online promotion of Punjabi songs?

You have two options, one you make your ads by yourself or hire an agency to do it on your behalf. Hiring an agency is always a better option because it reduces the risks of not approval of ads and unwanted problems during ads. 

The best digital marketing agency for Punjabi song promotion? 

There are so many agencies that work for promoting Punjabi songs. But their charges are very high and unreasonable. Bizkro is the right agency for Punjabi song promotion that provides best services on reasonable pricing. You can check out Bizkro site by clicking here.

Some screenshot of punjabi ads 

How to make Punjabi video ad campaign on google ads

Step 1 

Make your google ads account and create a new video campaign. You can check out our youtube video on how to make a google ads account.

Step 2 

Select your ad type. Discovery ad is the best ad for Punjabi song promotion. You also have option skippable ads.

Now set language targeting and select language. Select the Hindi language in language targeting. To know more about language targeting, you can check out our video here. 

Step 3

In the third step, you have to select your bid. Make sure your bid is accurate according to the competition because the performance of your ad depends on your bid. To know how to make a perfect bid, watch our video here.

Step 4

Put your video link and fill all blanks spaces with suitable words. Now your ad is ready to live. 

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