Best Song Promotion Company

Best Song Promotion Company

When we try to find out which one is the best song promotion company, it is always challenging to identify a genuine Song promotion company. There are so many companies in the market Providing services related to Punjabi song promotion. Some of them are cheaters and cheat their customers.

Bizkro is the best company for song promotions and Music distribution. We do not say this line; our customers say this. We work for customer satisfaction and provide them the best experience with us. You can check out the following screenshot of our customer google reviews.

We believe in long term business. We worked with 100+ satisfied customers, and they give us projects in frequency. It happens due to our customer relations and best service of Punjabi song promotion. 


  • Bizkro’s Song promotion services.
  • Why did you choose Bizkro?
  • How we do Song promotion.
  • Some past work samples. 

Bizkro’s Song Promotion services  

We offer different kinds of services as a song promotion company. Some of them are explained as follow:-

Song promotion throw google ads.

We promote songs through google ads at a reasonable cost. We offer four packages for google ads. Worldwide Skippable, Indian skippable, Indian Discovery, and Targeted audience. Because Google ads is an auction platform, so the prices of these ads change Frequently. If you want to know in detail how this promotion process works know more here.

Song distribution services

Recently we started song distribution services. Our services are different from any other music distribution company. We offer full royalty to our clients and charge only a minimal amount of fee. We do not follow any royalty sharing model like 20/80 or 30/70.

Instagram and Facebook ads

When You release a new song, it is essential to promote the same song on Instagram and Facebook for better audience retention. It’s not compulsory, but when you want your song trending, then you have the option to do this. It works amazingly.

Youtube Channel Monetization

If you are unable to get monetization on your channel. Then we will help you to get monetization. We do it in several ways. We will help you get organic watch time for your youtube channel and monetize your channel within one month.

Why you chose Bizkro?

There are so many reasons to chose Bizkro for your next Punjabi song promotion. 

Best customer experience

Our customers get the best customer experience from us. We try to satisfy our customers with our work. We always ready to solve the problems that our customers face. Our past customers are delighted, and they talk about it in our google reviews.

Full transparency in work

We provide full transparency in work. When a client worked with us, they know which type of ads we run for them, and we also provide them screenshots. You can also check our ads’ authenticity by checking the traffic source in youtube studio video analytics. 

Easy to connect with us

Customers feel easier to connect with us. We have offices in Khanna, Punjab, India. We also provide full guidance on mobile and clear all doubts. You can contact us by calling on our numbers.

Dealing with more than 100 clients

We feel proud to say that we work with more than 50 Satisfy Clients on more than 100 projects. Our clients are delighted with us. We have good experience as a song promotion company.

How we do Song promotion

Mainly we promote songs through google ads. Now you have some questions in your mind that how we promote Punjabi songs on google ads. We all know that google ads don’t support the Punjabi language. But there are some ways that we use to approve our ads. So don’t worry about language disapproval. We will run your Punjabi song ad very successfully on google ads.

If you want to promote your Punjabi, Haryanvi, or any other language song from us, you can Contact Us for More Information – 

 +91-6280092643  [email protected]

Some past work samples

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